After you complete a scan, you will immediately be taken to a screen that shows you the various scan views available based on the instrument you used to scan. After you view the scans you will be able to continue on to the report or continue scanning to add to the exam.

The type of scans run during an exam will dictate what Exam Reports are available per patient. For example:

  • Performing only a neuroCORE, neuroTHERMAL, or neuroPULSE report will yield a SINGLE instrument report
  • Performing any combination neuroCORE, neuroTHERMAL, or neuroPULSE as a set of two will yield a DUAL instrument report
  • Performing all three scans will yield a CORESCORE. For more information on the CORESCORE, click here.

NOTE: Exam periods in Synapse are open for 7 days in case a person has to come back in to complete their exam. After 7 days, the exam period closes and the next time you run a scan on that patient, a new exam will begin.

NOTE: Reports are not available for Quick Scans.