Synapse can be used on an iPad without an internet connection for up to 30 days using the SSID broadcast feature built into every INSiGHT Bridge. Screening mode was designed for offsite events or for when internet connectivity is poor to ensure uninterrupted scanning and reporting. Screening Mode is not compatible for use via “Launch App” on a web browser.

Always make sure your bridge is plugged in to a power source (and the antenna is firmly attached) for at least 60 seconds before you activate Screening Mode.

When internet connectivity is less than optimal or absent (at event screenings, in hotel or conference settings, or with generally poor internet accessibility including network hardware (router etc.) failures), Synapse’s Screening Mode can be easily activated.

NOTE: The initial onboarding of the INSiGHT Bridge to the internet and the pairing of INSiGHT instruments MUST be done in Online mode in an area with stable and active internet accessibility. Onboarding cannot be done in Screening mode. Always have your INSIGHT instruments successfully paired before attending an offsite event.

To activate screening mode, follow these instructions:
Step 1: Make sure your INSiGHT Bridge is plugged in to a power source (and the antenna is firmly attached) for at least 60 seconds before you activate Screening Mode.
Step 2: You will need to “Forget” your existing iPad WiFi network settings. Go to Settings (Fig. 1) in the iPad Systems > Select Wi-Fi (WiFi must be on) (Fig. 2) > Select the active network and choose “Forget Network”. (Fig. 3) Do this for all networks being displayed that you have connected to.
Step 3: Launch the Synapse Application on the iPad and wait for the application to detect no Wi-Fi Connection. A screen will pop up asking to use “Screening Mode” – select “Use Screening Mode” (Fig. 4).
Step 4: Select Launch (Fig. 5).
Step 5: You will be prompted to enter your Bridge ID which can be located on the Bridge itself. You can also find this number by looking back to the iPad’s Wi-Fi settings. Once you enter the number you will be prompted to “Join” or “Cancel” connecting to the INSiGHT Bridge. Choose “Join”. You will then be connected to the INSiGHT Bridge automatically (Fig. 6).
Step 6: A “Log In” page will appear. Use your fingerprint or username/password to access Synapse’s functions (Fig. 7). (NOTE: If the “Log In” page does not appear after 30 seconds, reboot your INSiGHT Bridge and repeat steps again).

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 7

NOTE: This is not a supported or recommended daily use case. It is intended for screenings and long periods of internet outages.

NOTE: During onboarding or after switching from offline mode, be sure to remove previously connected WiFi networks that are in range of your iPad and INSiGHT Bridge. iPads switch networks automatically based on signal strength and it will interrupt your scanning experience. To forget previous networks on your iPad, go to Settings > WiFi > Choose Network > Forget This Network.