neuroTHERMAL Rolling and Segmental Quick Scans are designed to be performed tableside, without the intent of saving the scans to the patient’s file. They are used to educate the patient and alert the examiner of recent changes.

A Quick Scan is meant to be used pre-adjustment or as a post-adjustment check. Note: If an examination is required, for example if a patient identifies an injury or has a change of health status, a quick scan should not be used.

Quick Scans allow you to quickly set up the scan, utilizing your pre-created scanning protocols.

  • All of the neuroTHERMAL training and setup applies to the Quick Scan feature with a variation on how to launch Quick Scan and a slight difference in scan setup options since Quick Scans are not associated with a patient or saved to a patient file.
  • To launch, Choose the Quick Scan button on the Homepage and click on the neuroTHERMAL icon.
  • After a scan is completed, you have the opportunity to review the results and continue or delete the scan to start again.
  • The spinal area to be examined must be exposed. The Cervical region from T4 upwards and the Lumboscaral region from T12 downwards are likely the easiest Quick Scan regions to examine.
  • Be familiar with spinal landmarks: S1, L1, T1, C2, C1 L and R (fossa).