The neuroPULSE measures heart rate variability, and so for accurate readings to be obtained it is essential that the patient remains as undisturbed by external stimuli as possible. Therefore, it is important that:

  • The INSiGHT Bridge is located within 15-30’ of the instrument. The scan be conducted in a stable, calm, quiet room.
  • The instrument should be positioned on a flat surface level, centered with the patient’s chest.
  • Ideally the LEFT hand should be used in the collection. This does not alter the outcome, but allows consistency when data is used in research.
  • In cases of missing fingers or an amputated left arm, use the right hand and set-up the room accordingly.
  • A collection using the ear clip or finger sleeve is appropriate for use in children. The ear clip is the most versatile as it can be clipped to the earlobe, fingertip or toe (anywhere a pulse point is accessible). Sensory children may tug at these sensors and so a finger sleeve is available for these children or infants. Neither the ear clip or the finger sleeve should be used regularly in adults.
  • An alcohol wipe should be available to wipe down the instrument contact areas after use.
  • A countdown timer on a phone or other device can be used by the examiner to alert to when the scan is complete (examiner should leave the room during collection in most cases).