Paraspinal cutaneous thermographic scanning performs best in a controlled environment. The following is an example of the ideal preparation and set-up:

  • The INSiGHT Bridge is located within 15-30’ of the instrument.
  • The room should be windowless or have no direct sunlight into scanning area.
  • Heating/cooling diffusers should be blocked to stop air from blowing on the patient.
  • Your laptop or iPad screen should be set-up to face the examiner while scanning.
  • Scan can be done seated (preferably) on scan stool, standing, or lying prone. Examiner requires stool for themselves, with room to stand as the scan proceeds.
  • For tableside exams, allow 2-3+ minutes after adjustments or palpation for acclimation and more accurate readings.
  • Insert the “eyebrows” above the sensors of the instrument. These eyebrows are curved, clear plastic coverings that give the examiner an idea of the distance between the sensors and the skin, and they also lift any hair up so it does not interfere with the scan. The scanner will work without eyebrows, but they are recommended.


  • Position the equipment directly in the path of hot/cold air blowing from vents.
  • Place the instrument on a laptop or anything that gives off heat prior to exam.
  • Palpate or rest a hand on the spinal skin surface prior to test.