Paraspinal electromyographic scanning performs best in a controlled environment. The following is an example of the ideal preparation and set-up:

  • The INSiGHT Bridge is located within 15-30’ of the instrument. Seated Posture and stable positioning are necessary to perform a static EMG scan. Standing EMG can be performed. Prone EMG cannot be performed. A proper patient stool is necessary. Sitting on a soft chair seat, using a chair with a back or arms and sitting on the side of a table is NOT advised.
  • The stool should allow the patient to have their feet touch the floor. If this is not possible, children can put their feet on a small footstool.
  • An examiner’s stool is necessary as to allow proper positioning and control. The examiner is seated behind the patient with enough space to stand up when scanning the upper thoracic and cervical spines.
  • EMG and other scanning instruments CAN be used in an X-Ray room.
  • Fluorescent lights and other electrical sources have been known to create electrical “noise” that can affect the scan quality. Try to minimize all manageable electrical noise in scan room. The wireless neuroCORE alleviates much of the interference from electrical outlets.
  • Room temperature should be approximately 72F or 21C.
  • neuroCORE sensor contacts should be inspected and cleaned with alcohol.
  • For table side exams, allow 2-3+ minutes after adjustments or palpation for muscle tone resolution and more accurate readings.
  • Ensure that sensor “sponge dip case” is filled with rubbing alcohol and positioned for easy access when scanning. Witch Hazel is not a good conductant and should NOT be used instead of rubbing alcohol.


  • Position the equipment where it can be handled by younger patients.
  • Palpate or rest a hand on the spinal skin surface immediately prior to test.