SpineSENSE is a pressure algometry test used to evaluate sensitivity over a specific point, so it is important to ensure that as little interference is present in the room as possible. The patient’s ability to differentiate between pressure and pain is measured and recorded. This subjective test is valuable in quantifying improvements in spinal pain patterns.

  • By using the neuroPULSE as a portable base, the spineSENSE becomes a virtual wireless instrument
  • Make sure the cord on the base of the spineSENSE is plugged in the rear of the neuroPULSE instrument, into the port labeled Algometer
  • The spineSENSE can be used in any space (Exam rooms, tableside or at screening events) so long as the neuroPULSE base is within the 15-30 foot Bluetooth range of the INSiGHT Bridge.
  • A spineSENSE exam can be performed seated on a backless stool or prone, on a chiropractic or examination table.