This section describes how to pair your INSiGHT Scanning Technologies to the INSiGHT Bridge. The process is the same for iPad use or web browser use.

NOTE: You will need an additional INSiGHT Bridge for each additional piece of scanning technology you own. For example, the INSiGHT Bridge can only pair one instrument of its kind at a time. For every multiple piece of technology you own, you would need an additional Bridge.

Before you get started, verify that your INSiGHT Bridge is powered on, in range of your INSiGHT Scanning Technology, and you have already onboarded the INSiGHT Bridge to your practice location. For multiple Bridge scenarios, be sure you are pairing your technology to the correct Bridge (you can always switch this later).

NOTE: The process is the same for each instrument. For the purposes of this manual, we will use neuroCORE as our example for pairing your instruments.