NOTE: If you have previously paired your INSiGHT Scanning technologies to Synapse or to a previous INSiGHT software, you may be taken through the manual pairing process. This happens when your instrument is not automatically detected due to a previously established bluetooth connection within the device.

For first time set-up:
Step 1: After onboarding your INSiGHT Bridge, you will be taken to a screen to set-up your technology.
Step 2: Choose your instrument (Fig. 1).
Step 3: Be sure your instrument is powered on (Fig. 2).
Step 4: Synapse will not detect your instrument and will be given a choice to choose to pair your instrument manually (Fig. 3).
Step 5: Enter the MAC Address located on the back of your instrument and choose “Enter Manually” (Fig. 4).
Step 6: Your instrument will successfully connect (Fig. 5).
Step 7: If you have additional instruments to pair, choose “Add more instruments” from the screen seen on Fig. 5.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 5

If you exit this screen or would like to resume pairing later, you can add instruments at a later time by doing the following:
Step 1: Choose Settings from the home screen (Fig. 5).
Step 2: Choose Manage INSiGHT Bridge (Fig. 6).
Step 3: Choose Manage (Fig. 7).
Step 4: Choose Add Instruments (Fig. 8).

Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Fig. 8

Once you successfully onboard your INSiGHT Scanning Technology, the Bridge will automatically pair to them each time you are within range and the instruments are powered on.