In the Enhanced mode, sEMG scans measure the amount (amplitude) of muscle energy in the paraspinal muscles as well as the type of energy the muscles are emitting. The type of energy changes with muscle fatigue, changes in active muscle fiber types and various clinical conditions.

The INSiGHT’s Enhanced EMG mode detects the type of energy by measuring the frequency of the EMG signal:

  • A red and blue signal will move across the active scanning graph, indicating the level of the signal being recorded.
  • As the signals move across the graph, you will see some activity in the grids on the left and right.
  • These grids display the frequency of the EMG signal.
  • The red and blue signals will continue across the graph until a reading is taken.
  • Once you take a reading, the red and blue signals will begin again moving from left to right and the voice prompt will state the next level.
  • Always wait for the signal to stabilize prior to taking a new reading.
  • Dip the EMG sensors in alcohol as needed during the scan.
  • The left and right frequency grids display left and right frequency components detected by the sEMG sensors.
  • Enhanced EMG Mode can be disabled by toggling back to Standard mode.