After a scan is completed, you have the opportunity to review the results and continue or delete the scan to start again.

NOTE: A keypad screen pops up at the end of the scan. This feature stops the unattended patient from viewing their results and locks all other access in the app, ensuring HIPAA compliance. When the examiner re-enters the room they can unlock the scan view by entering the PIN 1234 (Fig. 1).

  • You can swipe left on the iPad to see additional scan views (Fig. 2).
  • After you hit continue, you can choose to View Report or Finish Exam (Fig. 3).
  • To perform another HRV scan on the same patient, after you view the report, click “Done” and select the neuroPULSE icon again to start the scanning process over again (Fig. 4). You can preview the previous scans completed in that same day and choose which scan is most appropriate, noted as “active”, and use that one in your final report.
Fig. 1
Fig 2.
Fig 3.
Fig. 4