General Guidelines

  • Treat INSiGHT Scanning Technologies gently and with great care. They are precision instruments. Do not drop, slam, or hit the equipment against any surface.
  • The recommended charging method is to use the CLA supplied charging cables plugged into a desktop or laptop computer. Only use the charging cables that are supplied by CLA. Do not plug into wall chargers that accept USB connections or USB hubs.
  • Don’t let the battery completely drain on the equipment.
  • Instruments cannot operate while being charged, so plan ahead and make sure that your devices have adequate battery charge before scanning.
  • When charging devices, make sure that the device being charged is stored such that the charging cable is not bent or twisted. Do not wrap the charging cables tightly when not in use as it may promote shorting of the cables.
  • Do not use any external power supplies to charge the CLA equipment. Often these power supplies exceed the voltage requirements for the CLA equipment and can cause damage to the unit(s).


  • When prepping the skin for scanning, use standard isopropyl alcohol.
  • The sponge dip tray should be filled with isopropyl alcohol and positioned to dampen the sensors while scanning.
  • Do not use water, gel or skin prep sprays of any kind.
  • The gold electrodes that contact the skin will need to be replaced after repeated scanning.
  • The gold finish will begin to dull which is an indication that the electrode covers need to be replaced. These can be purchased online at the CLA store.


  • Do not lubricate the wheels on the instrument.
  • The left wheel is geared and is naturally less mobile.


  • The gold electrodes that contact the skin can be cleaned with standard isopropyl alcohol. If the gold contacts become dull, they can be replaced by returning the unit to the factory.
  • Gently wipe the platform and the sensors with an alcohol swab after each scan.


  • Use only the cable provided with spineROM to connect the Base and Satellite devices.
  • Use caution and do not force the cable connectors into the Base and Satellite devices.


  • Do not store the unit in any way that will cause continuous pressure to be applied to the end of the spineSENSE patient contact rod.

INSiGHT Bridge

  • The INSiGHT Bridge should be:
    • Positioned within 20-30 feet of the scanning technologies to maintain Bluetooth range.
    • Elevated to increase connectivity.
    • Positioned at least 6 feet away from WiFi access points such as routers or other network switches.