Beginning a scan involves choosing your scan settings and calibrating your instrument to ensure accurate readings. Follow these steps to begin your heart rate variability scan:

  • Decide if you are using the neuroPULSE unit, the ear clip, or the finger sleeve option. The latter are used with newborns and infants and should NOT be a regular practice with adults. Using this option stops the collection of finger temperature and anxiety testing (GSR) as the hand is not on the neuroPULSE sensors. Without these biometric markers, the levels of anxiety during testing cannot be confirmed.
  • Pull up the neuroPULSE scan screen on your device. There are two ways to do this.
    • You can either click on “Start an Exam” from the home page,
    • Or you can click “New Exam” on the bottom taskbar.
  • Next, select the patient you want to scan from the list that appears and click on the “neuroPULSE” icon.

From here, you’ll configure your scan settings (Fig. 1):
  • Patient: Confirm you are scanning the correct patient, if not, you may change him/her here.
  • Scan Purpose: Select what type of exam you will be performing.
  • Resting Duration: Choose the resting duration between 10-120 seconds. The default is 10 seconds which allows the patient to stabilize before collection begins.
  • Scan Duration: Choose the length of scan time, which is between one to five minutes.
    • In-practice testing has confirmed that three minute scan times are an adequate time to capture enough heartbeat intervals.
    • Scans for less than three minutes can be used on exams for anxious individuals or active children.
    • However, published research for cardiac assessment recommends a full five minute collection for the most accurate results.

  • Ear Clip/Finger Sleeve: Check if you are using either to scan.
  • Sounds: You can choose to have a male voice, female voice, or none as your guiding prompts.
Fig. 1

After the settings are confirmed, click “Continue” to connect to the instrument (Fig. 2). Prompts will guide you to ensure that the neuroPULSE is powered on by holding down the trigger on the back of the unit. You will see the blue flicker on the face of the instrument. Hit “Connect to neuroPULSE”.

Fig. 2