Beginning a scan involves choosing your scan settings and calibrating your instrument to ensure accurate readings. Follow these steps to begin your algometry scan:

Setup the configurations for your algometry scan. There are two ways to do this.

  • You can either click on “Start an Exam” from the home page,
  • Or you can click “New Exam” on the bottom taskbar.
    Next, select the patient you want to scan from the list that appears and click on the “spineSENSE” icon.

From here, you’ll configure your scan settings.

  • Scan Purpose: Select what type of exam you will be performing

  • After the settings are confirmed, click “Continue”. Prompts will guide you to ensure that the spineSENSE is powered on. You will see the blue light flash on the face of the neuroPULSE. Click Connect to spineSENSE.
  • After the connection is established, calibrate the instrument as instructed.. Prompts will guide you to ensure that your instrument will collect data properly.
  • In the calibration check you will be asked to press the black pressure probe on the front of the spineSENSE onto a hard surface(desktop) until it reaches 120 psi or above.
  • This is repeated 3 times to calibrate the instrument and assure the collection will be accurate.