Immediately after purchasing your INSiGHT Technology, you should have received an email containing an invitation to create credentials for Synapse.

If you did not receive the email, please email us at The first time you set-up your account, it will be via web browser. After you create your credentials, you will be introduced to the Synapse Doctor Portal.

  • The home screen allows you to view key metrics from your office including average CORESCORES, average scan scores, and other select practice statistics.
  • The left navigation bar allows you to access patient information, settings, and launch Synapse for scanning. You must be logged into the Doctor Portal to launch Synapse for scanning via web browser.
  • The upper right hand corner allows you to view your account information and change your password.

NOTE: If using Synapse via iPad, download the Synapse App from the App Store by searching for INSiGHT Synapse on your iPad. The Synapse App is not available to download on an iPhone or from the Mac App Store.

Whether you launch Synapse from the web browser or an iPad, the first time you login, you will go through a brief tutorial so you understand the basic navigation. This tutorial is available to repeat from the Help section of Synapse at any time.