Scan Settings are in the top left corner of the screen. You can select the Examiner, Type of Scan and check boxes for a Single/Multi-trial, Sound and Autoscan. You can also specify an alternate test procedure for the Cervical Rotation test as shown here.

Besides the standard, standing test there are two other options: Alternate Standing and Alternate Lying (prone).

In the bottom right of the screen is the Battery Monitor. The battery is monitored only when collecting data, so nothing will appear here until the test has begun. Once the test has started the remaining battery life will appear here.

In the the Scan Settings are the Test Settings. The checkbox to the left of each test shows which tests are Active, meaning which ones will be a part of this scan. Each active test has a Go Button next to it. Clicking on this allows you to navigate directly to that test, instead of following the standard order. This is also how you re-execute a test if you were unsatisfied with the results. The checkbox to the right of the test indicates whether you have already completed that test. Finally, the green highlight indicates the current test. Since the scan has not yet started, the highlight indicates the first test. You cannot deactivate the “current” test. So, if you do not want to perform this test, you must first hit the Go button to go to another test, then click on the checkbox to deactivate the first test.