The Segmental Thermal Scanning feature of the myINSiGHT™ program is designed for situations where rolling a thermal scanner up a patient’s spine to collect thermal data is impractical. The Segmental Thermal Scanning Protocol is particularly useful when scanning infants, as it avoids the sensation of the wheels rotating against the infant’s skin, which might cause an infant to become agitated.

The neuroTHERMAL collects thermal data from a patient during a Segmental Thermal Scan in much the same manner that it does during a Rolling Thermal Scan. The main difference between the two scan types, is that during a Rolling Thermal Scan, the thermal data collection sites are determined by the rotation of the wheels on the thermal scanner. During a Segmental Thermal Scan, instead of relying on the rotation of the wheels to determine the data retrieval point, the examiner determines where to place the thermal scanner to retrieve the thermal data.