There are two settings that apply to Rolling Thermal Scans. From the task pa*d select Settings, then click on *thermal to display these settings:

Rolling Autobalance – This setting is on (checked) by default and you should keep it on in most cases. This keeps the Rolling Thermal scan balanced around zero and helps you see asymmetries and variations in the normal pattern.

When using Autobalance, the myINSiGHT program automatically corrects for any left or right bias in a scan. This allows the viewer to look at patterns along the centerline.

To turn the Auto Balance off, go into Settings, select ‘Thermal’ and uncheck the Rolling Auto-balance box.

Note that a scan that is Left Bias with Auto Balance turned off would look as follows:

If you are observing all one-sided scans (either to the right or the left) this could be an indication that you need to sync your Rolling Thermal instrument.

You can now calculate the thermal score independent of the bias. To recalculate your Rolling Thermal scans please follow these steps:
1. On the myINSiGHT portal, in the patient record, click on the truck icon (move visit)

2. Click on the thermal scan that you wish to recalculate and click ‘recalculate’

3. When you click on the thermal scan you will see RAW, Adjusted and if Auto-balance was originally on, Bias.

4. Once you click on ‘Recalculate’, you will then see the raw score, then the adjusted score and if Auto-balance was on, you will also see the Bias in addition to the Final Score.
5. The thermal is the only scan that can be recalculated.

Before Recalculation After Recalculation

Protocol – This setting defaults to Standard and you will not change it in most cases. The standard protocol prompts you to pull the trigger at S1, L1, T1 and C1. This anchors the points at those positions. If you are having trouble precisely marking those points while scanning, it can cause scans to appear to be inconsistent when they are not. If you are having this problem you can switch to the basic protocol, which only prompts for S1 and C1 and distributes the points evenly between them. If you scan at a consistent speed, you might get more consistent results this way.

Bias Warning – If set to .5, you will get a warning at the end of a scan telling you that the Rolling Thermal is reading heavy on the left or right. If this is the case, it is suggested you look at the Thermal Sync.
Thermal Scanner Settings can range from 0 and up, but it is recommended you set it between .3 and .6 and not above 1.0:

  • Basic: You will be prompted to take reading at S1, C2, C1 left and right
  • Standard: You will be prompted to take readings at S1, L1, T1, C2, C1 left and right