The neuroTHERMAL measures bi-lateral skin temperature on both sides of the spine. The neuroTHERMAL uses two non-contact sensors that utilize thermal imaging technology. The Rolling Thermal sensors are activated by setting the Thermal Scan to one of three possible modes: Adult, Child or Infant. Setting the scan to Adult, Child or Infant is done by adjusting the wheel position on the Rolling Thermal Unit.

myINSiGHT™ supports three Rolling Thermal models:

  • T3 – the T3 is the wireless, Bluetooth enabled scanner also referred to as the BTRT. Most new users will have a T3 unit.
  • T2 – the T2 scanner is identical to the T3 scanner, except that it is wired and plugs into the INSiGHT™ base station.
  • T1 – the T1 scanner is our legacy scanner which some users upgrading from INSiGHT™ 9.2 might have. This scanner has three sensors rather than two although only two are used at a time. If you are using a T1 scanner it is critical that you specify the correct patient body type (Adult, Child or Infant) in the software.