To create reports with scans from different visits, or to create comparative Scan Views, click on Report Builder. The following screen will appear:

Tree View (See Fig, 1) groups scans by visit and makes it easy to compare scans from different visits. From the Tree View you can drag and drop into specific locations on a grid.

List View (See Fig. 2) will list scan views in order by date. It is more appropriate for large numbers of views, and it will automatically select the best grid configuration based on the number of views.

(Fig. 1) Tree View
(Fig. 2) List View

From the Tree View, you can choose from Single View, 1×2, 2×2, 3×1, 3×2, 3×3 and travel cards 2×5. 1×2 and Travel Card grids are rendered in portrait mode. All the others are rendered in landscape mode. Travel cards print without a header and are appropriate for printing on labels (See Fig. 3) .

(Fig. 3) Different Tree View Options

In this example, a 3×2 with the thermals and EMG’s from the last 3 visits will be shown. Expand the Scan List, select the Scan View, drag and drop it into the graph in the location you want it to appear on the report.

Once you have all your scans in the graph, click Print and the Print Preview will appear.

On the tool bar above the report you can click on the Printer Icon and print the scans.