You can re-scan a site prior to the saving the scan. If you want to re-scan a site during a Static EMG scan, follow the steps below to do so.

Option 1 – Click on the level that you want to re-scan. This will allow you to take a new reading for the level you right clicked on and all the levels below it or you can redo a single level by right clicking it. The voice prompt will begin at the level that has been clicked.
Option 2 – On a touch screen enabled monitor or laptop you can use your finger to select different spinal points during the scan to re scan at that level.
Option 3 – If you are using the wireless EMG scanner, you can use the touchscreen on the device itself to change sites. During the scan, touch on the site label (e.g., S1) on the device’s touchscreen and a list of all the sites in the protocol will appear, along with scrolling arrows. Touch the site you want to re-scan, and both the device’s screen and the PC screen will move to that site.

NOTE: If you choose to go back and re-scan a level after the scan is complete, you will not be prompted to save the scan again. You must click on the Save button to save the scan.