Patient Card Display – Each patient visit is displayed as an individual Patient Card which provides basic information about the patient’s visit. The cards show information for the most recent visit for that patient.

At the top is the patient’s name. The displayed date is the date of that patient’s last visit.

Icon Description
CORESCORE™ Icon– Indicating the patient has a CORESCORE™ Report
The CORESCORE™+ Icon- Indicating the patient has a CORESCORE™+ (Plus) Report
Scans Icon – Indicating the patient has scans for that visit. The number displayed next to the Scans Icon is the number of scans performed on that visit for that patient.

NOTE: Only scans or reports that have been completed and uploaded will display Icons, for example if you do not perform four valid scans on a patient the CORESCORE™+ Icon will not appear on their card.

By clicking the Ellipses Icon on the top of the card a menu will display as shown here.

This menu provides a quick link to view the default scan view or report. You can also view or delete a patient from here. If you delete a patient, you will lose all their scan data. There is no way to recover this data so be completely sure before you delete it.