You can display up to three patient trees at a time on this page and move scans and visits between them. This is most commonly used if you accidently scan a patient under the wrong patient name. To display another patient, click on the Add Patient button at the top of the page. This shows a list of patients from the office. This list is searchable using the search bar at the top of the page. You can search any part of the Name or Email Address.

Select the patient you want to add and click the OK button. You can only add one patient at a time. After three patients are displayed, the Add Patient button will no longer appear. To display a different patient, use the Orange X Button on the patient tree to dismiss a patient and you can add a different one.
NOTE: This only dismisses the patient from the page, it does not delete the patient.

Once you have more than one patient displayed, you can perform the following actions:

  • Move Visit from One Patient to Another – To move an entire visit, including all scans, from one patient to another, click on the visit and drag it to the other patient’s tree. You can drop it anywhere on the tree. Note that you cannot move a Visit to another patient if that patient already has a visit on the same date. A patient cannot have more than one Visit on the same date.
  • Move Scan from One Patient to Another:
  • To Move a Scan to an Existing Visit – Click on the scan you want to move and then drag it to the other patient. Drop it on either the Visit or any of the scans in the Visit.
  • To Move a Scan to a New Visit – Click on the scan and drag it to the patient’s name or anywhere in the empty space below the tree on the Patient Card.

If you make a mistake and accidently drop it into an existing visit when you wanted a new one, you can select the scan and click New Visit to remove it to a new visit.

NOTE: When moving to a new visit, the scan must have a different scan date than any existing visit dates. If a visit exists on the same date as the scan, it will be automatically moved into that visit.

NOTE: When moving a scan, The CORESCORE™ flag is cleared from the scan. If you want to use this scan in the CORESCORE™ in the new visit you can mark it. If the visit you moved the scan from has no remaining scans, it will be deleted.