The INSiGHT Technology and myINSiGHT Software connect to and store patient Scan Records on myINSiGHT’s secure web servers. Since scan data is not stored locally, to view scan records and reports you will need to access CLA’s myINSiGHT web portal which houses the patient’s CORESCORE.

To access Patient Records and Scan Views *from the software task pad click icon. This icon is a quick access link to the *Scan Views and Reports of the LAST patient you scanned.

You can also open your browser and go to and log in using the same Username and Password used to access your software. Once logged in, you will land on the myINSiGHT Home Screen. On the Home Screen, click on Patient Records to go to the Patients Page shown below, which will provide access to your patients, their scans, and CORESCORE Reports. This is no different than linking from the task pad, which launches your browser and navigates to a specific page.