You can create custom test protocols for the Static EMG Test and the Segmental Rolling Thermal Test. you will need to go to the Settings Page and click Test Protocols on the left side and the following screen will appear.

Give the protocol a name and add a description of the type of protocol you are creating. Use the slider to determine if you want your new protocol to start at C1 or S1.

Click Add New Test, the following window will appear:

For Segmental Thermal scans, you can determine each scan point if you want to take a reading on both sides (DUAL) or on only one side (SINGLE) or if you want to skip that point (OFF), as shown here.

For Static EMG scans, locations can be either ON or OFF there is no single/dual setting.

Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: You can create Customized Tests, which you can enable or disable to determine which custom tests are displayed in the software for use. However, the default scan test cannot be disabled or customized.

Your Custom Test Protocol will now be available for use under the Scan Screen for the EMG Scan and the Segmental Thermal Scan. Select by using the drop down field labeled Test as shown on the right.

Remember that you must restart myINSiGHT™ Desktop or refresh the list of tests to see your changes.