Before using your wireless technology, you must first pair it to the computer by following the instructions in section, Connecting your Bluetooth Technology to the Computer.

To connect the equipment to the software, open the myINSiGHT™ Software task pad and click “Settings” as shown below.

Click Instrument Configuration in the left side bar as shown below:

Click AutoDetect in the top right corner of the screen.

NOTE: The equipment must be paired to the computer already, but does not need to be turned on to detect the Bluetooth Address.

Auto detect can take 20-30 seconds to find the Bluetooth address. Once detected, the following fields will populate:

If you are using the wired versions of any of these devices, select Wired-Console under the associated setting. If you are not using one or more devices, specify NONE. Click OK.

If you are plugging your spineSENSE (Algometer) into your wireless neuroPULSE unit, select Wireless. If you are plugging it into your Subluxation console, select Wired. If you do not have a spineSENSE, select NONE.

A message box will appear asking you to restart the software. Click OK. Once the software restarts and you log back in, your equipment will be ready to be used in conjunction with your software.