The Base Unit of the 3DDI device contains a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged by connecting the Base Unit to a USB port. When charging the battery, the Base Unit must be turned off. The same USB cable that connects the Base Unit and the Satellite Unit is used to charge the Base Unit. The charge level of the battery is monitored when collecting data during a scan. When the battery level drops below 25% you must recharge it. To charge the battery in the Base Unit, follow the steps listed below:

1. Turn the Base Unit off by holding down the Power Button on the bottom of the unit for three seconds.
2. Unplug the cable from the Satellite Unit.
3. Plug the end of the USB cable that was attached to the Satellite Unit into any available USB port on your computer.
4. A Charging LED will come on indicating that the base unit battery is charging. If the battery has been completely run down, it could take up to four hours to fully charge.
5. When the Base Unit is completely charged, the Charge Completed LED will be illuminated.
6. Disconnect the Base Unit USB cable from the computer. Your 3DDI device is fully charged and ready to use.