The sidebar menu by default is available in all source channels. This allows the sidebar menu to be accessed when using a connected PC, built-in PC Module, the Android interface or even when connected to an external input device such as a DVD player.

There are additional options for security to limit where the sidebar menu is displayed.

  • Open the settings menu and select “Personal”
  • On the right side of the menu the option for “SystemBar Channel Settings” will be shown with a drop-down box to the right
  • Select the dropdown box to present the options and select the preferred choice

Available in all channels – Default Setting * Available in Android – This will only show the sidebar when using the Android input source
Available in all channels except PC -If a PC module is built into the display, these settings will prevent the menu from showing when using this input source. All other options such as Android, HDMI, and VGA will show the toolbar
Disable in all channels – This will deactivate the sidebar completely for all sources


“Selecting “Disable in all channels” will result in no access to the apps menu, additonal tools and other features available on the display.
To enable the sidebar, use a shortcut icon in upper corner of display to open the settings menu and naviagte to the SystembarChannel Settings.

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