*Touch Sounds *
Touch sounds can be switched on/off from this menu. When switched on (default setting), a sound will be heard each time a key is pressed on the on-screen keyboard. This keyboard appears when the requirement to type is needed, in apps.

*Sound Output *
The displays are supplied with built-in speakers to provide great audio for most environments.
If additional speakers are required and connected to the display through the Audio Out port then the option to switch the audio to either the built-in speakers or external connection is possible.
The “mixed” option available will allow audio from both internal and external connections at the same time.

*Input Naming *
Each of the source input can be set to have a unique name associated to the connection. Open the Input naming setting and switch on the “alias switch” at the tope of the page Each of the source option names can now be changed to a name of the users choice.
If the default naming is required simply turn of the “alias switch”

*External Source HDMI & USB-C *
The HDMI out resolution can be selected to best suit the device connected to. The default setting is to provide the maximum 4K resolution output.
USB-C output can also be adjusted to either support a higher video frame rate output or a fast data transfer rate. The default setting is to provide a higher data transfer rate of USB-3.0

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