The display can be connected to a wireless and wired network.


  • Enable the connection by selecting the WiFi option to open the sub-menu.
  • Change the toggle switch on the right-hand side to switch on the connection. It will change to a green colour, see below image.
  • Once the connection is on, the network device will search for local WiFi networks and these will appear below.
  • Select the network of choice to open the password and Advanced details window.
  • Enter the WiFi network password. See below image.
  • If any additional security settings are required, select the “advanced Settings” option and scroll down on the page to display the Proxy and IP Settings options.
  • The proxy details can be entered and would be provided by your IT administrator if required.
  • If the display is to be assigned a “fixed” IP address, change the option from DHCP and complete the additional settings. These will be provided by your IT administrator.
  • Once all settings are complete, press “Connect”

The WiFi will connect to the network and show as connected on the main WiFi page
The WiFi can be switched to another network by following the above steps and can be switched off by changing the toggle switch.

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