The display provides advanced settings for energy savings, brightness adjustment, dynamic contrast and eye comfort. These settings are designed to reduce energy consumption and provide a greater user experience.
Each option can be manually switched on/off using the toggle switches on the right side of the image.

  • Pixel shift is a function when the display is mostly used to display static content. This will adjust the pixels periodically to keep the system running smoothly.
  • Eye Comfort will reduce the blue light from the screen
  • AutoLight will use the light sensor on the front of the display to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen when the ambient light changes.
  • SaveEnergy will use the light sensor and automatically save energy by switching to a black screen when necessary according to the external light situation.
  • If the ambient light of the whole machine is lower than 10 for 60 seconds continuously, no matter what the situation, it will change the screen to a black screen and save energy
  • When there is no signal channel, it will enter a black screen to save energy after sixty seconds, and then shut down after another two minutes (this is regardless of how the ambient light changes at this time).
  • DCR adjust the contrast dynamically based on the content displayed on the screen.

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