This product uses an HD LED-backlit panel, IR and multi-touch technologies. Equipped with writing software, it is convenient, highly interactive, safe and environmentally friendly.

This product can connect to other devices. It allows wireless connection with PCs, tablets and mobile phones, realising wireless transmission of documents, the wireless push of videos and wireless screencast.

Extraordinary Display
This product uses a high-quality HD LCD panel featuring original display colour, vivid pictures, uniform display, no flickering, and quick response. You can enjoy HD pictures from different angles.

Accurate Touch Control
This product incorporates advanced touch technology featuring quick response, high positioning accuracy strong environmental adaptability, accurate operation, etc. No stylus is needed; you can operate with your hand by clicking, dragging and other actions.

Highly Interactive
This product is preinstalled with professional writing software. It provides multiple types of pens, drawing tools and other functions, and you can write and move the contents as you like.


INFORMATION” Not all features are available on all models.

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