• Using only lightly dampened microfibre cloth to avoid malfunction and possible permanent damage to electronic parts, lightly clean the surface of the product, avoiding any connection points, ventilation holes or the lens.
  • After the application, dry the product with a clean and dry microfibre cloth.

Please follow all safety and handling instructions listed with the cleaning solution and keep out of reach of children.
For schools conducting an overall deep clean of their facilities, here are steps to appropriately protect your InFocus product in advance of chemicals being sprayed or fogging devices being employed:

  • Disconnect the product from its power source.
  • Cover the product to prevent damage to internal electronic components.
  • Remember to remove any covering before use.
  • Please ensure that those with access to your InFocus products are aware of the cleaning procedure.


Ensure your InFocus product is fully covered on all sides before facilities deep cleaning. Chemicals must not be allowed to enter or be sprayed on to the surface of the product, this will avoid any damage to the internal electronic components and outer casing parts.


Good personal hygiene practices of washing and drying hands should be employed before and after use of InFocus products.
Should you have any questions relating to these procedures please contact InFocus Technical Support. Contact details can be found Here.

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