The following table provides solutions for potential image issues.

No image Incorrect source is selected. Press the SOURCE button or one of the source buttons again.
No image Source cable is not connected. Ensure the source cable is securely connected to the projector and source device
No image Source is not playing Make sure the source has not stopped or paused the video. If the source is a computer, make sure the PC is not in a screen saving or power saving mode and resend the video to the projector.
No image AV-Mute is on Ensure the AV-MUTE (video off) buttons has not been pressed.
No image Brightness and/or contrast setting is too low Use the On Screen Display (OSD) menu to adjust the brightness and contrast
Image is reversed Orientation is set incorrectly. Use the On Screen Display (OSD) menu to adjust the orientation.
Image has slanted sides Projector is not positioned perpendicularly to the screen. Ensure the projector is centered on the screen and below the bottom of the screen
Image has slanted sides Keystone is not set correctly. Press the keystone + or – buttons to adjust the image alignment.
Image is too small or too large. Projector is too far from or too close to the screen. Move the projector
Image is too small or too large. The zoom is not set correctly. Press the Zoom + or – buttons to adjust the zoom.
Image is too dark ECO mode is enabled Check if the projector is in the Forced ECO mode because the ambient temperature is too high.
Image is blurry Focus is not set correctly. Use the On Screen Display (OSD) menu to adjust the focus. INL2156 or INL2166: Use the focus ring to adjust the focus.
Image is blurry Projector is too close or too far from the screen. Ensure that the distance between the projector and screen is within the adjustment range of the lens.
Image is blurry Smudge or condensation on the lens. Clean the lens. Condensation may form on the lens if the projector is cold, brought into a warm place, and turned on.
Image is scrolling or flickering. Source resolution and/or frequency is not supported. Make sure that the source’s resolution and frequency are supported by the projector.

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