Manage Job

Once a job has been selected in the Jobs section, high-level details about the selected job can be viewed in the Manage Job section. In this section, the user will assign codes for the selected job, advancing it through Hank’s workflow.

The following detail the various features of Manage Job, as indicated in the below screenshot:

  1. This button is used to control workflow for the selected job. All jobs begin with the New status and end with the Code Complete status. More information about this control can be found in the Coding with Hank section.
  2. Global information about the selected job is displayed in the header section. Fields can be added or removed from this section upon request.
  3. The Manage Claim section is the heart of Hank. The user may add line items to the claim and apply codes to those line items using the fields in this section. See the Manage Claim section of this document below for more information.
  4. The Comments section is used to store comments that are global to the job. In other words, comments in this field are not specific to individual line items in the claim, but apply to the job as a whole.