This is the heart of Hank and where the user will add any necessary codes and line items to complete the claim for a selected job. The following describe the Manage Claim fields (appearing to the right of the section) where the user will specify codes for the selected job:

  • Procedure CPT Code
    • This field must be populated for all claim line items and only a single value is allowed per line item. If more than one procedure CPT is required for a claim, a second line item should be added using the + button on the top right of the Select Line Items table.
    • In the case of a block, the CPT code for the block should be entered in this field.
    • If an Anesthesia CPT will be supplied in the Anesthesia CPT Code field (see below), this field must be populated with the CPT code of the surgery.
  • Anesthesia CPT Code
    • This field is NOT required for all claim line items. For example, this field would be left blank in the case of a block.
    • Only a single value is allowed in this field. Available ASA values for the given CPT that comply with the current ASA Crosswalk are listed in the “Select Code” menu.
  • ICD Codes
    • This field is required for all line items and used to list any ICD codes required to support the procedure and/or anesthesia CPT code for the associated line item.
    • Multiple ICD Codes are allowed for a single line item.
    • The period is REQUIRED (e.g. T43602A is NOT valid and must be entered as T43.602A).
  • Modifiers
    • This field is optional and is used to list any modifiers supported by the job documentation.
    • Multiple modifiers are allowed for a single line item.
  • Practitioner
    • This field is used to record the anesthesia provider associated with the job.
    • Multiple values are allowed.
  • The information entered in the procedure CPT, anesthesia CPT, ICD, and Modifiers fields is subject to validation by the UI. If any of the entered values are invalid OR one of the required fields (Procedure CPT and ICD Codes) is empty, the State icon will show an exclamation point and when the user attempts to save the claim, an error message will be displayed.

The following are some important concepts to keep in mind when interacting with this section of the UI. An annotated screenshot is included below as well:

  1. If a given line item has valid values for all required fields and also doesn’t have any invalid values in any optional fields, the icon in the State column will update to a check mark to indicate that the line item is in a valid state and can be processed.
  1. Line items with missing or invalid data will show an exclamation point in the State column to indicate that additional attention is required for that item before the claim can be submitted.
  2. The + and buttons on the upper right of the Select Line Items table are used to add/remove additional line items to the claim. For example, if a post op pain block was performed in addition to the administration of general anesthesia during the surgery, the + button would be used to add the block after you had completed the initial line item for the general anesthesia.
  3. The Save All button is used to record the changes you’ve made on the current job to Hank’s server. This button will be disabled if there are invalid line items associated with the claim or if you haven’t made any changes.
  4. When a value is entered into any of the user-controlled fields, a “badge” containing the entered information is created and displayed above that field. To remove a value, simply click the X on the badge. To view additional information for the selected code, click on the text of the badge to display a Code Description popup (see below).
  5. Fields that accept a single value only (i.e. the CPT fields) will display a Replace button in place of the original Set button once a value has been entered. Once the Replace button is displayed, hitting the return key in the associated text box will replace the current badge with the newly entered value.