Hank uses the term job to refer to a unique patient encounter, otherwise known as a case. Upon logging in, a list of jobs awaiting coding will be displayed on the left side of the application. When a job is selected in the Jobs list, the remaining sections of the Hank application update to display information relevant to the selected job.

Jobs are created in one of two ways:

  • Based upon the schedule of expected patients and procedures from the client (biller/provider)
  • Based upon receipt of case documentation that does not correspond to items in the predefined schedule above.

Each of the following provides additional information or available actions for a selected job:

  1. Status: The status of the job in Hank’s workflow (see Coding with Hank section)
  2. Procedure Date: The date of service of the job being coded, e.g., the date a surgery occurred
  3. Filters: When expanded, enables filtering of jobs on status or procedure date (see below)
  4. Export: Enables the user to export details of the selected job to a text file

Changes may be made to the selected job in the Manage Job section of Hank, but any changes must be saved before selecting another job (the user will be prompted to discard changes or cancel the action).