1. Log in to the Hank user interface with your ACE email and password as described in the Logging In section of this document. When the Hank interface loads, the first job in the job list will already be selected.
  2. Click the Pop Out button to display the job (aka case) documentation in a separate window. Move this window onto your second screen and resize it as desired.
  3. Using the workflow control (see Manage Job section), update the status of the job to In-Progress. While not currently required, performing this step will be critical to avoid any duplicate work if multiple coders are working on cases for a single facility.

  1. The Select Line Items table in the Manage Claim section will be preloaded with a single blank line item, so at this point, you will simply begin filling out the fields on the right side of this section with the codes that are supported by the documentation in the Job Notes window. NOTE: Hitting the return key will automatically perform the action shown on the button associated with the field. A description of these fields can be found in the Manage Claim section of this document.
  2. Hank will validate the information entered for each line item. When all the required line items have been entered, click the Save All button. If the Save All button is not enabled, review the State column in the Select Line Items table and correct or remove any line items that display an exclamation point.
  3. After saving the claim, use the workflow control to advance the job in Hank’s workflow to either Needs Review or Code Completed. If there were issues with the job, e.g. missing documentation or unjustified procedure codes, select Move to Needs Review. Otherwise, select Move to Code Completed.

Congratulations! You’ve coded a job using Hank’s UI. To move to the next job, simply select the next “New” job in the job list and keep moving.