If GRACE Christian School enters into a Virtual Learning Experience (VLE), there is an understanding that there are some differences within a VLE as opposed to a traditional classroom setting.

Video Recording for Virtual Learning

  • Teachers may recording instruction to assist students who are attending classes virtually.
  • The recording will only be shared through a system that is accessible to the class members (Google Drive, Google Classroom, or Talon).
  • The recording should not be made public by parents, students, or teachers.
  • Any unauthorized sharing of class recordings will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Parent Expectations for Virtual Learning

Parent Support

  • With the added freedom and availability it is important that parents help maintain the integrity of the learning environment and reinforce the teacher’s instructional authority in the classroom.
  • Parents will help students establish routines and structure while they learn new time management skills and begin to understand how to be a productive learner in the VLE.
  • Keep an open dialogue with students and help keep them on track. Check-in with them regularly, ask questions, etc.

Home Environment

The following guidelines are encouraged to maintain a conducive home learning environment:

  • There can be many distractions for students while adjusting to the VLE at home. Please help your student maintain an appropriate environment to be effective in their VLE.
  • For example, keeping the TV off while they are working, helping younger siblings understand that it is not playtime, and generally keeping distractions to a minimum.
  • Have your child place their phone in a location within the house that is not on their person and will not be a distraction during their VLE times.

Student Expectations for Virtual Learning

Honor Code

  • Students will continue to follow the school Conduct Code and Acceptable Use Policy during Virtual Learning.
  • Students will not give or receive unauthorized aid on assignments or assessments.
  • Students should be respectful in their communication with teachers and other students.

Strategies for Working at Home

  • Students should use their computers solely for class purposes during VLE’s.
  • Students should have an intentional space at home where they can focus on classwork.
  • It is recommended that students find a suitable study location rather than a bed.
  • Students will need to be aware of how they manage their time recognizing the different expectations in a virtual learning environment.
Last modified: 19 July 2021