All discipline will be based on biblical principles; e.g., restitution, apologies (public and private), appropriate discipline, restoration of fellowship, etc. GRACE does not administer corporal punishment. Discipline is to be based on the student’s attitude and circumstances.

Any violation of school rules or procedures (including violations occurring during a “prank”) may subject the student to disciplinary action including, but not necessarily limited to, reprimand, detention, “Saturday School” (at the expense of the student or family), removal from leadership and extracurricular activities, suspension, or expulsion. In all circumstances the teacher maintains primary responsibility for administering the school discipline policy.

A student under discipline or expulsion may be precluded from returning to school property or attending school-related events including but not limited to homecoming, prom, athletic events, etc.

GRACE reserves the right to report those offenses that may constitute a violation of criminal laws to the proper authorities and to press charges against the student if the situation should so warrant.

GRACE reserves the right to deny continued enrollment or re-admission to any student whose actions demonstrate that it is not in the school’s best interest to do so. The determination of whether it is in the school’s best interest to allow continued enrollment or re-admission is at the school’s discretion.

The administration maintains the responsibility for determining penalties for these offenses. Penalties may include apologies, restitution, detention, suspension, expulsion, loss of graduation or other privileges, or other appropriate measures. Additionally, community service projects may be assigned as part of the discipline/restoration process.

Last modified: 8 July 2019