1. Parents may use personal vehicles to carpool but must notify the Transportation Coordinator prior to the trip.
  2. Parents and chaperones may ride school buses for field trips if room is available.
  3. Parents and chaperones riding the bus must comply with the school’s “background check policy”.
  4. Parents are responsible for any damage done to the buses by their children.

Parent Responsibilities Regarding Athletics

It is the parents’ responsibility to provide transportation to and from GRACE sporting events and to pick up athletes promptly following every event. There will be some times when GRACE will use the school bus – you will then be responsible for picking up your child from the “away” school at the designated return time it the bus is not available.
Parents will be responsible for picking up their child from GRACE at the designated return time when the bus is used. Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated. We want to be respectful of the time and other commitments of our coaches. Carpooling is strongly encouraged; some families rely on carpooling to make it possible for their children to participate in athletics.

Last modified: 10 June 2021