Activity Bus Policies and Guidelines

In keeping with our responsibility for the safety of students in our care, GRACE Christian School has instituted the following activity bus policies and guidelines which are to be followed by all those riding GRACE buses to and from school-sponsored activities.

Activity Bus Use Policies

  1. Buses must be reserved through the Transportation Coordinator who oversees the bus calendar.
  2. Buses shall generally be available for school-sponsored events on a first-come, first-served basis. Buses should be reserved using the Staff-Event Request form, found in the online Employee Handbook.
  3. Buses will not be loaned or rented to any other organization.
  4. Buses may not be for personal use.
  5. Buses shall only be driven by drivers with appropriate state licensing and endorsements. Additional school training is also required.
  6. 14-Passenger buses may be driven by a GRACE staff member, coach, teacher, assistant, or a GRACE parent who possess a valid class C license and completes a driver record check, background check, and bus training through the Transportation Coordinator.
  7. In the event of an accident or other emergency, the driver or other responsible adult accompanying the group should contact the school immediately. Contact information and emergency action plan procedures will be provided in the notebook kept on each bus.
  8. Students traveling via GRACE activity buses to school-sponsored events are covered by insurance as a secondary carrier to insurance carried by students’ families.
  9. All students are expected to travel to off-campus school-sponsored events in transportation provided by the school (this includes parent-driven cars if needed). Any exceptions must be prearranged with the school by the student’s parent of guardian. Students are expected to return to the school by the same transportation means unless the parent or guardian signs a release and has made other arrangements.
  10. Records of all bus trips must be logged into the bus mileage log kept in a notebook for each bus.
  11. Any media played on buses must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director or Dean of Students. No loud or distracting music should be played during the trip.
  12. While traveling on a GRACE school-sponsored trip, each group is a representative of GRACE Christian School. All groups are expected to behave and dress in a manner consistent with the GRACE Handbook.
Last modified: 19 July 2021