A head coach may have a student-manager position available during the course of the season. The head coach of the sport is responsible to clearly present the responsibilities and time-commitment of the student-manager before the season begins. If a student takes advantage of this opportunity they will be required to keep the same academic, attendance and transportation requirements as a student-athlete. A student- manager will also need to complete and return the Athletics Department Authorization and Release Form (see appendix) before they are allowed to start their manager responsibilities. Managers must also complete the Athletics Department Health History/Physical Examination Form (see appendix). The family doctor will complete this form annually before the students may participate. A student-manager is not required to submit the athletic fee. Student-managers cannot use this opportunity as a Teacher Assistant credit or towards their GRACE community service hours requirement. Middle school sports may only have middle-school managers of the same gender of the team and high school sports may only have high school managers who are of the same gender of the team. The student-manager will be a non-uniformed participant but should be dressed in khaki shorts/pants with GRACE polo top according to GRACE dress code policy.

Last modified: 2 July 2019