A significant part of GRACE Christian School’s mission is to develop a loving community. Primarily, we want each student to grow in “loving God with all of his or her heart, soul, mind and strength” (Mark 12:30) and to also grow in “loving one’s neighbor as oneself” (Mark 12:31). Discipline is central to this process, for the Scriptures emphasize that “God disciplines those He loves” (Deut. 8:5; Heb. 12:5-11), in order that we might grow in holiness and righteousness; thus, reflecting His nature and bringing Him the honor, renown, and glory that He is due, as evidenced through our daily lives.

As Christ taught, the central evidence of our love for Him will be responding to His love for us with growing obedience. Similarly, our love for each other will be marked by “considering others as more significant than ourselves, as well as not just looking out for our interests, but also for the interests of others” (Phil. 2:3-4), which is established on Jesus’ example.

With this understanding established, discipleship at GRACE is viewed as both a process and a product. God expects parents and other authorities to train children so as to produce Christ-followers continually becoming more self-disciplined and requiring less supervision as they mature.

God-given responsibilities in the discipline process exist not only for parents and teachers; they also exist for students. During school hours and at other school-related and school-supervised functions, students are expected to respond to school faculty and staff members with obedience in heart and action, as well as being respectful in nature. Any failure to maintain a Biblical attitude of respect and obedience toward school authority which manifests itself in improper behavior or violated standards will result in disciplinary action which is appropriate for the violation. GRACE expects parents to support the administration in such disciplinary action by at least encouraging obedience and respectfulness towards the actions of the school’s designated authority. (Rom. 13:1).

GRACE Christian School exists to partner with parents in their God-given responsibilities, especially in developing whole-hearted followers and lovers of Christ. GRACE assumes parents will direct and discipline their children with these goals in sight. Similarly, GRACE will pursue these same ends. If parents choose to follow a different course in directing and disciplining their children, then parents and students should realize that GRACE Christian School may not be the choice for them.

GRACE Christian school desires to work with students to see them develop as whole-hearted followers of Christ who love Him with all of who they are and who love others well. In handling discipline and discipleship, forgiveness is an integral part of the process, but forgiveness does not do away with or alleviate consequences for actions. This is in keeping with the Lord’s discipline of us because of His great love for us, and more importantly in order that He is duly honored in and by our lives. The Scriptures reinforce that grace is extended to us when we humble ourselves (Prov. 3:34; James 4:6; I Peter 5:5). Repentance is the conduit through which we receive grace for forgiveness of sin and enabling us to live in His ways.

Last modified: 11 July 2019