In the classroom and on the playing field GRACE athletes will pursue their goals with excellence. A student-athlete’s classroom behavior, attitude and work ethic should set the standard for others in the school.

As ambassadors of Christ and of our school, GRACE student-athletes are to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in the classroom, on and off the field of play, and in their personal lives.

Student-athletes will follow all of the behavior and conduct guidelines that are set forth in the school’s behavior policy.

A student-athlete who chooses to behave in a way that is not consistent with the school’s behavior and conduct policies will be in jeopardy of losing their privilege of participating in GRACE athletics.

Any behavior that could reflect negatively on GRACE Christian School or GRACE Athletics will not be tolerated and could lead to suspension from the team.

If a student-athlete receives a detention or any other form of disciplinary action they may not use athletics’ practice or games as an excuse to not serve the detention or
disciplinary action. During the duration of a suspension, students may not participate in any school activities, including events, games and practices.

Team Captains

Being a captain on one of GRACE’s athletic teams is the most important role a student can assume within the athletic program. It requires commitment, leadership, responsibility, and putting others before self. Whether being elected or selected as a captain, the team or coach has placed a great deal of confidence in your ability to lead. As a captain, you are a representative of GRACE Christian School and will be measured by others on how you carry yourself.

Below are the expectations of a GRACE Christian School captain:

  • Uphold the school’s mission.
  • Put others ahead of yourself.
  • Be respectful at all times.
  • Be a team player and promote team unity—seeking to always include others (especially with new players and younger players).
  • Encourage your team to perform at their highest level.
  • Create a healthy view of winning and losing.
  • Keep emotions under control without losing enthusiasm.
  • Never give negative criticism or blame teammates. Constructive criticism is encouraged and is promoted, as it is a core value within our program.
  • Meet and greet officials, opposing coaches and captains.
  • Communicate any issues that you feel the coach and/or Athletic Director should be aware of that could hurt the team or school.
  • Be on time for class and practice.

See GRACE Dress Code Policy for Game Day Attire

Warm-Up Music

Any music that is played at a GRACE sporting event must be approved by administration or come from the School Approved List. Instrumental music is encouraged.

Academic Eligibility Requirements

The GRACE Athletic Department has a program designed to support our student athletes in academics by helping them be successful in the classroom as well as in the athletic arena. The program is in place for all athletes and is a supportive system.

  • A student-athlete will not be penalized for being late or missing practice if they are in an academic help session.
  • Athletes are expected to put forth their personal best in the classroom, maintaining no less than a 2.0 GPA with no failing grades in any class.
  • At the end of first semester, eligibility will be assessed on first semester grades. Grade checks will be made each Friday at 8:00 a.m. starting the Friday after 10 days of school. At the beginning of a new semester, only ineligible students will be checked on the first Friday. Athletes who fall below a 2.0 GPA or have an F will be on academic probation the first offense and if next grade check shows failing grades, the athlete will be placed on ineligibility. See academic probation and ineligibility details below.
  • For students participating in the LEAP program, if the student qualifies for a modified level of instruction or modified curriculum and has no outstanding assignments, an exception may be made. Athletic Director will discuss individual cases with the LD specialist and school principals.

Academic Probation

  • A student will be put on probation if failing one or more classes
  • Probation length shall be one week following grade check, the athlete can still participate in practices and scheduled competitions
  • If Friday grade check shows no failing grades, student is off probation
  • If grade check shows failing grades, the athlete is ineligible (see ineligibility)


  • Ineligibility begins the Friday following the first week of probation if grade check still shows failing grades
  • Students cannot participate in practice, travel, or in athletic contests for one full week and until Friday grade check reveals no failing grades
  • Students on ineligibility are required to attend two help sessions per week
  • Once the student has attended two help sessions and has received two signatures confirming help session attendance, they may be eligible to play if the Friday grade check shows no failing grades in any class
  • Students will continue the two help sessions followed by a grade check for each week they remain ineligible until no more failing grades appear on the grade check
  • Students may be ineligible only three times per sport before they must forfeit their participation on the team for the season

NCISAA Student-Athlete Gender Policy

Gender is determined by the student-athlete’s official birth certificate. Student-athletes are only allowed to participate on teams that coincide with the gender on their official birth certificate.

May a girl participate on a varsity boys soccer team if a school does not have a girls’ soccer team? No.

Attendance Policy

  • Student-athletes are expected to attend all classes, practices and games regularly unless otherwise cleared by the coach and athletic director.
  • Student-athletes must attend school the same day of practice or game in order to be eligible to participate. If a student-athlete is absent because of illness they will not be allowed to participate in practices or games for that day. Students must be at school no later than 11:30 AM and may not leave before 11:30 AM to be eligible for that day’s athletic activity (excused tardiness or dismissal is an exception).
  • A late home or away contest is not an excuse to be tardy on the next school day.
  • Excessive attendance or tardy infractions will lead to suspension from athletic competition.

No Quit Policy

Student-athletes take on responsibility when they agree to participate on athletic teams. Accountability is essential to maintain a cohesive and functional athletic program. Once an athlete has made the commitment to participate and has either attended a practice or checked out equipment, the athlete must complete the season. If a student-athlete quits a team, he/she forfeits the privilege of participation in other sports for the remainder of the school year. Special exceptions may be granted in unique circumstances.


Any ejection or red card disciplinary action from a game or match by an official will result in a minimum of a 2-game suspension from athletic events. The student-athlete will not be allowed to play in the events but may sit, without a uniform, on the team bench. A mandatory conference with the Principal and Athletic Director will be scheduled to discuss the ejection and any further disciplinary action. Yellow cards in soccer may receive administrative disciplinary action if the student’s actions are deemed to undermine the GRACE athletic policy of “Pursuing Victory with Honor”.

Last modified: 2 November 2021