Annually, all students and parents are required to sign an agreement regarding the GRACE Devices Acceptable Use Policy which states the following:

By signing this agreement, we (both students and parents) agree to abide by the conditions outlined in the GRACE Devices Acceptable Use Policy, as well as outlined in the Student Handbook. We assume responsibility for the care and proper use of GRACE technology, including backing up personal data. GRACE Christian School is not responsible for any loss resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, lost data, or service interruptions caused by user errors, omissions, or reasons beyond the school’s control. Information obtained via the internet and other sources using GRACE technologies is not guaranteed as to its accuracy or quality. We understand that should we fail to honor all the terms of this policy, future internet and other electronic media accessibility may be denied. Furthermore, students may be subject to disciplinary action outlined in the GRACE Christian School Parent/Student Handbook and, if applicable, their device may be recalled. We as a family accept responsibility for abiding by the terms and conditions outlined for using these resources for educational purposes. We acknowledge that we are financially responsible to pay for any repair or replacement cost due to negligence or abuse of the student devices as set in the Student Handbook.

This agreement is included in and may be “signed” by each parent and student using the following links:
Lower Campus Student Signature Forms
Lower Campus Parent Signature Forms
Upper Campus Student Signature Forms
Upper Campus Parent Signature Forms

Last modified: 19 July 2021