Lower Campus In-Class Celebrations


Teachers should ensure parents are aware of any food allergies or diet restrictions as parties are planned. Holiday parties may be given for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Room parents are responsible for coordinating these with teachers.

Lower campus parties should be limited to 30 minutes and take place toward the end of the day. The teacher is responsible for all activities related to an in-class party even if parents or students do the planning. Students are responsible for clean up after any parties.

School Sponsored Parties/Activities

GRACE students are expected to represent our school well wherever they go. We expect them to make good choices whether they are on campus socializing or representing our school at an outside venue. Note: THE GRACE CODE OF CONDUCT APPLIES TO ALL GRACE STUDENTS AND THEIR GUESTS.

School Sponsored Dances (High School)

  • No inappropriate dancing.
  • Chaperones have the authority to ask students to sit out if dancing is inappropriate.
  • Guests are required to submit a Dance Guest Form at least two days prior to the dance. This form may be found in the Forms section of this handbook.
  • All girls (GRACE students and guests) must have their dresses checked at least three days prior to the dance.
  • Students must arrive no more than 45 minutes after the start time (unless permission has been granted).
  • Students must stay until the end.
  • No outside food or beverages allowed. No tobacco products including vaping or any illegal substances.
    Violations of these guidelines will result in being asked to leave the event and may include further consequences.

PTF and Non-Academic Events

PTF and Non-Academic Events are considered community building events and should not be planned to take place during instructional hours. These events should be planned across all grades and groups (elementary, middle school, high school).

Non-Academic Events are subject to the same level of review as a field trip and an Event Request Form should be submitted to the appropriate campus principal for approval. Upon principal approval, the event will be added to the GRACE master calendar and appropriate facilities will be reserved.

PTF and Non-Academic Event organizers are welcome to use, as available, GRACE facilities and resources (tables, chairs, tent for outdoor events, etc.). Note, GRACE busses are not available for these events. Event organizers are responsible for pick-up, set-up, clean-up and return of any school items. Organizers should plan to have volunteers within their group help with set-up and clean-up activities so that all GRACE facilities are restored to the condition they were in prior to the event.

Off-Campus Parties/Activities/Socials

When participating in off campus activities, students are expected to conduct themselves in such a way as to reflect biblical principles of modesty, purity, obedience, and respect in both dress and speech as agreed to in the Conduct Commitment Form and handbook. Students who violate these rules and procedures are subject to disciplinary action.

GRACE also expects all parents to support the biblical standards of behavior as set forth in our Conduct Commitment. It is the school’s expectation that parents respect the Christian values of GRACE and its families. Parents should provide supervision that is consistent with those values whenever they are responsible for GRACE students.

Last modified: 23 July 2021