• In order to plan a signing day for student-athletes who have committed to participate in athletics collegiately, the following must be done:
  • Request 2 Weeks in advance or more to confirm available space, allow GRACE staff to be in place, family and athlete to notify those wanting to attend, as well as Head Coach of signing school to attend if possible.
  • Must submit an event request so that set-up elements are ready and space is clear (GRACE Event Request)
  • Notify Administration and receptionists
  • If an Athletic Director or Coach is attending from the college or university, please ask ahead of time if they will need to meet with College Counseling Office while they are here to take care of any final paperwork requirements, etc.
  • Family/Student athlete can invite teachers, coaches, family members, and friends to signing.
  • Ideally, after school 3:30pm or later on Wednesdays or when family/student athlete thinks is best.
  • 30 – 45mins, depending on if it is one athlete or multiple athletes.
Last modified: 24 September 2020