For the safety and security of our students the following procedures have been adopted:

  • Teachers are instructed not to release a student to anyone until the office calls for the student. The teachers and principal have the responsibility and custody of all students while they are in school.
  • Parents must sign students out in the lobby or office before they are released from the classroom.
  • Students who need to leave early for any reason must be signed out no later than 2:40 p.m. on the Lower Campus or 3:00 p.m. on the Upper Campus.
  • Parents must email the school if a student will be leaving early or will have a change in carpool. Emails may be sent to (for TK-6th grade) or (for 7th–12th grade) and the reason should be stated therein. Parents of Lower Campus students should also copy the teacher on the email so that they are aware of the potential disruption of the student’s daily schedule.
  • A child will not be released to anyone other than the individuals authorized by the legal parent or guardian. A parent note to the teacher must be sent if the child is to ride in a different carpool. Custodial parents must submit a copy of the current custody document, which will be kept on file with the student record.
  • Students who drive to school may only leave early or for appointments with written parental permission. The permission should be delivered to the front desk receptionist before school or by emailing The student should sign out before leaving and sign back in when returning. A telephone call is not sufficient.
  • We do not have an open lunch policy for high school students. Students who have appointments during the lunch hour should present a note stating the reason for check out. Parents may not give their student permission to leave campus for lunch, with the exception of seniors who may walk to one of four local restaurants. With the exception of seniors, students who leave with or without a note at lunch time for the purpose of off-campus lunch will be considered truant. Seniors are required to sign out at the office and must sign back in.

Early Dismissal for Seniors

Seniors who have academic approval from the Director of College counseling, along with parental permission, may, if their schedule allows, arrive late and/or leave early for the following reasons:

  • Late Arrival due to a first period Study Hall
  • Early Dismissal due to a last period Study Hall
  • Early Dismissal due to work, internship, apprenticeship, etc.
  • Early Dismissal due to dual-enrollment college courses
  • See form section for Arrive Late / Early Dismissal Form
Last modified: 23 July 2021