Parents are a vital part of the success of GRACE athletics and we encourage supportive participation by our parents.

Parents are not allowed to openly criticize a coach to athletes or other parents. By openly criticizing the coaches, a student-athlete becomes trapped between the coach’s authority and the parent’s criticism. This situation merely erodes the athlete’s effectiveness and affects their contributions to the team effort.

Parents are encouraged to be positive with their students. Let them know they are accomplishing something simply by being a part of a team. The emphasis on sportsmanship and character amongst our student-athletes and student body begins with the parents’ examples and participation. Parents are not allowed to use derogatory cheers directed at any participant (players, fans, coaches, officials, etc.) This will not be tolerated and will be considered grounds for removal from a GRACE sporting event. Criticizing or showing envy in relation to the failures or successes of other student-athletes is inappropriate behavior. Most are trying their hardest on any given day and they deserve respect for their efforts. A parent living their life vicariously through their student-athlete puts undo pressure on all concerned. Remember, a sport is a game and it is supposed to be fun.

Parents are also ambassadors of Christ and of our school and should cheer on our teams in an appropriate manner. Parents should focus their energy toward being a supporter of the teams and not tearing either team down.
Parents are not allowed to approach an official before, during or after a sporting event. During a game, the team bench area is for coaches, players, and officials only.

Spectators may not approach the bench area during a game (including halftime).

Parents will be asked to leave an event if their conduct is deemed inappropriate. A GRACE athletic event could be jeopardized should an inappropriate action occur. Your student-athletes participation on a team could also be affected.

Parents are encouraged to avoid offering excuses for their student. If they are not playing or seeing only limited action, encourage them to work hard, seek their full potential and contribute to the team’s efforts.

Parents are encouraged to communicate any dates their student-athlete will miss practice due to appointments, at least a week in advance. If students choose to participate in the ministry of athletics, they are expected to fulfill the commitment to the best of their abilities. Every athlete is responsible to attend all practices and games.

Unexcused absences will result in disciplinary actions, which can include loss of playing time. Our philosophy views athletics as a very valuable ministry, an arena for teaching God’s principles and an opportunity to understand winning from God’s perspective.

Parents are encouraged to have insurance coverage. We do not assume responsibility relative to doctor, ambulance, or medical expenses in case of an emergency. Athletics are a voluntary, co-curricular program in which students may participate if they desire, but do so at their own risk. Parents or guardians must obtain adequate insurance coverage for their students through a family insurance policy. Any liability or cost incurred is the responsibility of the family of the student-athlete.

Please note that participating in athletics is a privilege and in order for all to work as a unit, we need student-athletes, parents, & coaches to operate in one accord.

Parent Coaches/Assistants/Volunteers

Volunteer coaches or assistant coaches who are also parents of team members are expected to maintain a professional detachment from the parent/child relationship while “on duty”. In other words, act as a “parent” only after leaving the game, practice, court or field for the confines of their home.

Last modified: 25 July 2019